About My computers


Here I post info (and perhaps pictures) of all the computers I'm currently using (or have used). This isn't particularly interesting, but never underestimate how bored you can be at any point in time (I personally have read other peoples computer pages) so it's not unheard of.

All my computers were built by me, with some help from my little helper :)

Very little of the PC parts were actually bought. This was due to me liking to recycle/make my own stuff, an easy supply of parts (due to the crazy upgrade cycle of windows users back then, the throwing out of hardware) and the fact I was a poor student :)

The only things I actually bought were the VFD displays (second hand), the SATA cards and the TB Disks (new). That was because my data was important enough to me to not risk losing it all to faulty second hand disks. All the non critical parts can fail for all it matters to my data. Happy to say though, that almost a decade later a lot of the original hardware is still going strong!

The network

My network is 10/100 switch based, there are two switches, a D-link 4 port and a Netgear 8 port. The Netgear is in the server cabinet due to the fact it has more ports. Unfortunately the netgear, despite being 100mbit, never actually reaches this throughput. If you're lucky you'll get 60mbit/s. The Dlink easily hits 90-100mbit/s.

As such I will probably replace the netgear, but if I end up doing that, I will probably get a gigabit switch. Most likely none of my servers actually support gigabit, but it would not hurt to future proof it.

Each machine is named after a Greco-Roman god or goddess. This originally started out with bodies of the solar system (of which there are many), but eventually evolved into just being the names of the Greek gods. Primarily because naming computers after planets is done to death by so many people, and Greek mythology has some unique and cool names :)

The Machines

Machine Name Further information Running  

Original main server. This was the first Linux machine I built to replace a windows one. The one that started my move into Linux from MS (which I had gotten totally sick of at this point, useless and expensive software, the lot of it).

Slot-1 Pentium II MMX 233MHz (later upgraded to PIII 800MHz)
Ram: 256MB, later upgraded to 768MB (PC133)
Disk: 2 * 15GB Raid 1 (OS)
Disk: 4 * 40GB Raid 5 (Storage)
NFS/Samba services
NTP Services
DHCP Server
Access point for our first wifi network (Netgear 802.11b cards with Prism chipset and hostap).
Apache web server
CUPS print server
OS: Debian slink/woody, and beyond (upgraded as time went on).

Very much my first foray into Server Linux (I originally started with linux on my desktop) and the first time I put my newfound knowledge of Linux to a server task.

Called "Sun" due to being the centre of the network, and all the other machines revolved around it.

1998 - 2004?


After Helios'es demise, the tasks were split up into dedicated machines.

Mnemosyne became the dedicated file server. To this day it still is in use, and is constantly upgraded.

Main services:

Samba/NFS services
uPNP Server (fuppes, very good oss server for uPnP devices)

 2005 -  

New "Main" server. This one keeps the network in check. It does the following:

DHCP Server
NTP Server
Web Server (internal)
SSH Repository
OpenVPN point 

 2005 -


The "Datacentre"

For lack of a better word, it is the area where all the servers were held, and later included an actual 12 inch rack :)


There was no "datacentre" as such in the beginning. Later on there was, especially as more servers were used, but I've got no photos, sorry!



Left: Toshiba T4800 486DX with 4MB of ram, running debian linux, and used as a terminal for troubleshooting all the other servers, Has serial console, SSH client and Parallel port networking.  At the top is the 3com 24 port 100mbit switch we used, and underneith is the file server. To the right was the terminal server, which was used by some clients around the flat, Most of the clients were old, and disposable, so were used as terminal clients in places like the kitchen, outside, bathroom, etc...


Proper rack was bought and modded. From the  top downwards we have: