This was the first machine I had that ran linux. Started life as an old PII MMX box, connected to my usb ADSL modem and routed to the network via iptables. It only had iptables, and a DHCP server. 

As time progressed more and more was added to the system until at the very end, it was doing a whole list of things, including:

I don't actually remember why its use was stopped. As far as I remember it was in use until I moved out (in 05?). Lasted a very long time.

Some photos

I've got some photos of the PC towards its last iteration. I don't have any older pictures because I didn't have a digital camera back then.

Due to the fact I spent more time fiddling at the back of the PC than the front, I actually fabricated a little strip where there were three LED's and two buttons. The PC was then shoved fron first towards the wall, so you could only see the rear.

There was one Green LED in the middle (meaning power on) and one red LED either side for arrays (one for the RAID1, one for the RAID5). At the very end were two red-pushbutton switches, for power and reset respectively.

Here is the same machine, but with the addition of 4 more drives for the RAID 5 array. Lacking any further space, I actually installed the drives in an old PSU case that had been hacked apart. Worked pretty well, but at the time it could not fit properly in the case, more work was needed.

The final iteration of the machine, the array was put in sideways at the bottom, with an extra fan for cooling. Two drives are visible, while the zip100 and tape drive (for backups) were currently disconnected. There was a need for more IDE cards, so we added a PCI-IDE card. Later on another one was added for a total of 6 IDE ports, for a maximum of 12 drives.

An ISA parallel port card was also added for the second printer, and the 802.11b PCI card for the Access point.